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Insight - How Ball Pen works

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Arpit Jain


The history of ball pen dates back to 1880s. It was John Loud who received the first patent on Ball pen. Technically speaking ball pen is a device, which when rubbed on a paper leaves a permanent continuous colored mark following the direction of the motion.  Ball pens are available in various size, shapes, colors and prices varying from almost a few cents to few hundred dollars and even more. Researchers have been working continuously to improve the performance of the pens. Some important performance parameters include the grip, the tip of the pen and controlling the ink flow for longer life.  
Manufacturers produce ball pen in different shape, size and color. A plastic or a metal casing encapsulates the entire assembly. The tip of the pen is kept inside the outer casing by means of mechanical arrangements when it is not used. Broadly classifying the ball pens are available in two forms disposable or reusable. Disposable pens are very cheap made up of plastic which cannot be used for writing purpose once the ink is over. On the other hand reusable pens can be used again and again by changing the ink reservoir called the refill.