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Insight - How CFL works

Table of Contents:

  1. Insight - How CFL works
  2. Circuitry
  3. Wiring & Filament

Written By: 

Ashok Sharma


CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) converts electrical energy to radiant energy. They are energy efficient and use better technology as compared to conventional tube lights and bulbs. It has two components:
a)      A glass tube filled with argon and mercury vapor & coated with a layer of fluorescent material.
b)      An electronic ballast circuit
The ballast circuit takes a 220 V input from external power source and sends a current into the fluorescent tube as output. When power supply is given to the CFL, filament attached with the cathode heats up and emits electrons in the tube. This ionizes the argon and mercury vapor particles.
A 25 Watt CFL is shown in the above image.


nice article man!

realy good.

i found it a very useful information 

reallly helpfull

very informative article

plz atteched info about circuit data....

nice work.can you explain me the purpose of each elecrical component there?.

I Understood clearly the basic function of Compact fluorescent lamp by your article. This is first time some one explain so easily the fundamentals of CFL. Thank you for your cool article.


Thank you for the very useful information...

Can you also please help me out by explaining its working....

nice article bro...its very usefull...

keep updating...yes



I can't see how the circuitry works

copy and paste material kindly attach the circuit description ... this is for kid.




Nothing worthy............we alredy know this.....plsssss show some internal circuit.


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