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Insight - How DC Motor Works

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Ashok Sharma
DC Motor Permanent Magnet
There are three commutators shown in the image. Each one is directly connected with the coil to supply the current in.

Permanent Magnet Arrangement in DC Motor
The permanent magnet is cascaded in the body of the motor. The coil working as electromagnet moves in the magnetic field of this magnet.


Circuitry in DC Motor
A motor speed control IC is used to control the rotating speed of compact DC motor. The IC integrated in the circuit has an inbuilt reverse voltage protection circuit.
Working: As we have discussed, DC motor work on Lorentz force concept. When we pass the input DC current to the coil through the brushes, it directly goes to the coil inside the motor body. This makes coil to work as an electromagnet. Magnetic fields of both magnets interact with each other that results in a force which in turn produces the necessary torque required to move the coil. This torque drives the coil to move round and a shaft attached with the coil moves too.




The explanation is very helpful.


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