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Insight - How Dynamic Microphone Works

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Arpit Jain
How loud can you shout to make yourself heard at a distance? How large is that distance? A hundred meters, a kilometer, is that it? What if you were to talk to people separated by miles, could you shout that loud and kill your lungs? Or you’d rather whisper into an adjacent ear, and be heard at some other location, no matter the distance, and perhaps irrespective of time? An electronic ear that couldhelp store and transmit your voice and sound at light speeds and even ramp it up if you are too frail? Yes, such is the microphone!
But how does a microphone achieve such a feat? How does it follow our rhythmic and unpredictable sounds and change them into electrical signals?Let us find out how by peering into one such device, the dynamic microphone.
A Regular Dynamic Microphone
Shown in the image above is a handheld wired dynamic microphone used for speech purposes. It is just a sample from an ensemble of microphone types like collar, hand held, wired, wireless mic etc. The word dynamic signifies the operation principle of this mic out of various methods that have been developed. Basically an acoustic transducer, microphone converts sound/voice to its corresponding electrical signal which is carried out to the speaker or amplifier unit with the help of a wire or wireless means.