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Insight - How Electric Beard Trimmer Works

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Arpit Jain
We currently live in the era of speed and sophistication. Everything that man once developed and found to be too time consuming and cumbersome has been modified, altered and compacted to make its use more simple. To cope up with this speed, every routine work has been automated. This pursuit of professional excellence has forced people to spend less time on themselves. For example, shaving is almost a daily chore for men to ensure personal hygene and needs to be done fast. But doing so with manual razors is a time consuming job and if done to hastily, can lead to cuts and burns.
But thankfully, the technology of this age offers replacement to old age instruments like manual razors and frequent visits to a barber shop by time effective handheld devices like hair clippers and beard trimmers. Unlike manual razors and scissors, trimmers are devices that cut, but don’t bite and that too in very less time. But how do these little devices ensure such high fidelity cut each time? How can they trim hair in less than quarter the time taken by a manual razor or scissors? These devices run on electric energy, but did you know that the major component that makes them achieve their function is not the seemingly complex electric circuitry but the mechanical assembly? How can a trimmer battery last and why? What happens when the battery goes dead? The answer to every such question lies inside the machine itself, and we are about to discover why.
A Standard Electronic Beard Trimmer


It's a Great site which has a valuable information for all streams of students. I like it:)

I have a question ,how does the cam also spin with the motor without it slipping?is the cam glued to the motor?

What is that white coloured liquid to which the cam attaches??


I have a Panasonic ER2051 trimmer, it is not charging, i can see the damaged charging unit and gone resistance... can you help the complete circuit diagram or help me how to fix the issue?