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Insight - How Laptop Cooling Pad works

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Arpit Jain
Cooling pads usually come in many shapes but most designs sport slight tilting to supplement the ergonomic usage of the laptop. The laptops are placed with the tilted side facing the user so that they can have easy access to keyboard. The laptop is held on the tilt structure through the rubber sponge pads that are placed at the edges of the cooling pad.
The rear of the pad houses a fan made of thin plastic blades. Usage of thin plastic blades avoids any chances of user getting hurt or any laptop peripheral getting damaged. More number of blades enhances the centrifugal operation of the fan.



A laptop generates tremendous amounts of heat when CPU is subjected to large computational loads, such as, during HD video gaming. The main task of the cooling pad is to assist the internal fans of the laptop in ejecting the air, thus they act as exhaust. This is the why laptop cooling pads are generally considered an accessory for gaming laptops.


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