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Insight - How MCB works

Written By: 

Arpit Jain

The image below shows the arc chute used in the MCB for arc quenching purposes.

Arc Chutes in MCB
Finally the next images shows how the arc chute is positioned in the MCB. The fixed contact is extended to the arc chute. This is done so as to transfer the arc to the interior of the breaker. The arc is broken into smaller arc by the arc chute. These segmented smaller arc have a very small potential and hence get naturally dissipated.
Position of Arc chutes in MCB
On removing the holder which holds the arc chute, the mechanical structure and arrangement of the arc chute is visible in the next image.
Structure of Arc chutes


So Simply explained..was feeling the urge to know about the MCB mechanism .

does the frequency matters for a MCB? 



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i have MCB switch but i doesn't work

please tell that is it manadatory to connect Input supply to input terminal or we can connect it to output terminal also.