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Insight - How MCB works

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Arpit Jain
The switching or the tripping mechanism can be closely observed in the following images. This mechanism is used to automatically cut off the supply of the current when the current exceeds the permissible limits thereby preventing any damage to the appliances.
Switching of MCB
Let us understand this system in further detail. The image below shows a closure look of the different parts of the tripping mechanism. The moving part of the solenoid is called the plunger. It is like a solid semi cylinder connected to a hammer at one end. The moveable contact is positioned slightly above the plunger and moves axially along the plunger. It does not touch the plunger.

Plunger in MCB



So Simply explained..was feeling the urge to know about the MCB mechanism .

does the frequency matters for a MCB? 



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i have MCB switch but i doesn't work

please tell that is it manadatory to connect Input supply to input terminal or we can connect it to output terminal also.