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Insight - How Membrane Keypad Works

Written By: 

Arpit Jain
Image Showing A Typical Membrane Keypad
Keypads have integrated deep into everyday schedule of an average person that it is almost impossible to carry out working on electronic devices without using them. Computer keyboards, calculators, remote controls, game joysticks, electronic locks and ATM machines are just a few cases where one cannot do even a single task without using keypad. It becomes quite uncanny that how deeply this electronic accessory has embedded into lives of a major part of the population. Various types of keypads exist as per user’s requirements. For instance, computer and some smartphones have QWERTY keypad while calculators and simple telephones come with an alphanumeric keypad.
Though numerous types of keypads are available from various manufacturers, they all follow a common principle of a typical circuit switch. This principle is so simple that one does not even need a power source to build a keypad (we need power only to use it), though it looks like a gizmo. This insight will put you in the tracks of a membrane type keypad.


Thanks a lot

Thanks a lot!!

you should buy a new multimeter probe  : D

Does anyone know the name of this kind of connector?? and the kind of crimp tool