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Insight - How Piezoelectric Gas Lighter/Igniter works

Table of Contents:

  1. Insight - How Piezoelectric Gas Lighter/Igniter works
  2. Outer Structure
  3. Hammer
  4. Latch
  5. Piezo Assembly
  6. Working

Written By: 

Abhimanyu Mathur



Even though several breakthroughs in Chemistry were achieved by them, the Curie’s are known to majority of the world for their revolutionary work on radioactivity. However, it is amazing to know that one of their discoveries has given one of the most common accessories any kitchen has. Not related to radioactivity, this is the Gas Lighter. Based on the principle of piezoelectricity, which is one of the discoveries made by Jacques Curie and Pierre Curie. Piezoelectric lighters are an economic solution to light gas stoves. Ever wondered how does a small force of thumb produces a spark of the order of kilo volts (kV)? Let’s have a look on the insides and working of the lighter in this device dissection article.

A piezoelectric crystal is the heart of the gas igniter. When a strong force is applied on it by means of a spring loaded hammer it produces an electric spark. Certain dielectric materials have an internal crystalline structure which when subjected to mechanical stress produces an electric field and vice versa. The degree of electric field produced is directly proportional to the magnitude of force applied.
These materials are termed as piezoelectric crystals and this principle is termed as piezoelectricity.


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