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Insight - How RFID Tag works

Table of Contents:

  1. Insight - How RFID Tag works
  2. Chip and Antenna
  3. Working

Written By: 

Ashok Sharma


RFID tag is a small device which stores and sends data to RFID reader. They are categorized in two types – active tag and passive tag. Active tags are those which contain an internal battery and do not require power from the reader. Typically active tags have a longer distance range than passive tags. Passive tags are smaller and lighter in size than the active tags. They do not contain an internal battery and thus depend on RFID reader for operating power and certainly have a low range limited up to few meters.
Passive RFID Tag, How RFID Tag works
A rectangular passive RFID tag is shown in the above image. The passive tags are available in different shapes and sizes.

Internal structure of passive rfid tag
Removing the backside layer of the tag discloses the above look. A copper coil also known as the antenna is shown in the image above.


what is the process of data transmission from tag to reader.

is there any  boud rate consideratiion


is any dimension needed to design that RFID antenna


can u tel distance for communicate tag with reader 


How to get the code of rfid tag to put in 8051 cprogram ie hex code????

code printed on my rfid card is in desimal form....

this is code 0007282953 111,08457

PLZ HELP ME......frown

RECIEVE power but from where, and for what?

Can we able to send voice sigles using RFID?



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