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Insight - How Tactile Switch works

Table of Contents:

  1. Insight - How Tactile Switch works
  2. Outer Metal Covering
  3. Button
  4. conducting Plate
  5. Bottom View

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Arpit Jain
Tactile Switches are most often found in control panels of monitors, televisions, mobiles, radios, etc. They are widely used in industry for different purposes. They come with various number of pins as per the requirement. A tactile switch has only two states ON and OFF. Here 4 pin tactile switch is discussed.
Tactile Switch


Please tell which leg makes contact with which leg so that it can be used


First you check which which pair of legs are short circuited. Then use one pair of legs as one terminal and another pair of legs as another terminal.


Hope you can now make your own connections

if we short two terminals of that then is it works ?


if 2 legs are cut off will it work like a 2 pin switch

Is this like a pen, where a click makes the plate stay in contact with the metal legs until clicked again, or does it turn off (cut contact) everytime you release it?