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Insight - Learn the Working of Ultrasonic Sensors

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Ashok Sharma


Ultrasonic sensors are devices that use electrical–mechanical energy transformation to measure distance from the sensor to the target object. Ultrasonic waves are longitudinal mechanical waves which travel as a sequence of compressions and rarefactions along the direction of wave propagation through the medium. Apart from distance measurement, they are also used in ultrasonic material testing (to detect cracks, air bubbles, and other flaws in the products), Object detection, position detection, ultrasonic mouse, etc.
These sensors are categorized in two types according to their working phenomenon – piezoelectric sensors and electrostatic sensors. Here we are discussing the ultrasonic sensor using the piezoelectric principle. Piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors use a piezoelectric material to generate the ultrasonic waves.
An ultrasonic sensor consists of a transmitter and receiver which are available as separate units or embedded together as single unit. The above image shows the ultrasonic transmitter and receiver.


is that any device which directly shows Distance/gives variable o/p Voltage with respect to varing distance???


Please mail me on

what is the name of this sensor is there is any specific name?


the one i used was the HC SR 04

would  it be possible to use an ultrasonic sensor to measure wind?

why trigger pin is required to this sensor? Is anyone know exact importance of it?

is water proof ultra sonic generator available?


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