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Insight - How LED Dot Matrix Display Works

Table of Contents:

  1. Insight - How LED Dot Matrix Display Works
  2. LED Segment & Wafer
  3. LED Terminals & Slicing
  4. Panels & Conducting Tracks

Written By: 

Vaibhav Jain


Light emitting diodes aligned in a form of matrix constitute a dot matrix display. It is commonly used to display time, temperature, news updates and many more on digital billboards. Dot Matrix Display is manufactured in various dimensions like 5x7, 8x9, 128x16, 128x32 and 128x64 where the numbers represent LEDs in rows and columns, respectively.

Arrangement of the LEDs in the matrix pattern is made in either of the two ways: row anode-column cathode or row cathode-column anode. In row anode-column cathode pattern, the entire row is anode while all columns serve as cathode and vice-versa pattern is there in row cathode-column anode. LED wafers are glued to the bottom of the segments and glow when powered ON. The interesting part is that 35 LEDs are controlled by using a combination of 14 pins. Conductor tracks are laid all over the board to power each LED. Let’s proceed to know in depth about how a dotmatrix display works.

Dot Matrix Display


Dot Matrix Display: Image01 shows the front of a 5x7 Dot Matrix display. A total of 35 LEDs are visible as dots on the front of the dot matrix display.. The LEDs are illuminated when their respective terminals are powered.

Dot Matrix Display


Pin’s Design: Back side of the display shows the in-built tracks and the pins. A total of 14 pins serve as a terminal for 35 LED’s. Numbering of the pins varies depending upon the manufacturer.In this version of dot matrix display, 13, 3, 4, 11, 10 & 6 are the pin terminals for the column and rest for the row.


very helpfull artical.

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Nice presentation


very clear presentation .I get it more information thanks.


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