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Are you all set to hack the km readings displayed on your vehicle dashboard!

Let us explore the science behind the working of an Odometer, a mechanical device which shows the distance traveled by your vehicle in digits. With traces of its invention found in history since 15BC,  it has been reinvented since then in different forms.

 We all have seen the odometer working. When the last digit changes from 0 to 9 it moves the adjacent digit by 1 unit and so on. Ever wondered what causes digits of an odometer to change the adjacent digits by precisely 1 unit? 

How does a combination of  rings interconnected with each other by means of gears  designed to perfection can display the distance traveled by a vehicle to such an accuracy?Are you all set to empower yourself with the knowledge to crack the secrets behind the  Km reading of your vehicle? Read ON....


In my latest conquest of DIY i.e. Do It Yourself mission, I wanted to learn about a SCREW and not just our simple screw but most recent addition in the family of screws i.e. Expandable Screws. I found out recently that the air conditioner on my second floor window is placed using these screws. So, when I started researching more I learnt that these screws were specifically designed for installing heavy objects on concrete walls or for masonry purpose.

Some common examples are installing dish antenna on the roof, holding the shade to cover your car or open area, tightening a rope to climb the wall etc .A normal screws gains their capacity to hold loads  by creating an interlock with the part in which they are inserted. For example a screw is inserted in a wall or in a wooden plank etc. 


You may know how to drive or you are just like me who always tag along as side kick, but there is one part of automobile that is voluntary known to each one of us “Speedometer”. You may not be driving but one step on accelerator by the driver and you are squirming on your seat just as the needle on the meter. Ha!

We have never really thought how does a needle move on the meter?  What makes the number change on odometer? We look at speedometer but never really notice it. But not anymore join me in this insight to learn all about speedometer. Let's understand in depth all about it.