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A microcontroller is a small and low-cost computer built for the purpose of dealing with specific tasks, such as displaying information in a microwave LED or receiving information from a television’s remote control. Microcontrollers are mainly used in products that require a degree of control to be exerted by the user.



Microcontroller, what is microcontroller
Microcontroller v/s microprocessor 

Microprocessors are used to execute big and generic applications, while a microcontroller will only be used to execute a single task within one application. Some of the benefits of microcontrollers include the following: 
·         Cost advantage: The biggest advantage of microcontrollers against larger microprocessors is that the design and hardware costs are much lesser and can be kept to a minimum. A microcontroller is cheap to replace, while microprocessors are ten times more expensive.
·         Lesser power usage: Microcontrollers are generally built using a technology known as Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS). This technology is a competent fabrication system that uses less power and is more immune to power spikes than other techniques.
·         All-in-one: A microcontroller usually comprises of a CPU, ROM, RAM and I/O ports, built within it to execute a single and dedicated task. On the other hand, a microprocessor generally does not have a RAM, ROM or IO pins and generally uses its pins as a bus to interface to peripherals such as RAM, ROM, serial ports, digital and analog IO. Read more about the difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.  
How does a Microcontroller work? 
Microcontroller has an input device in order to get the input and an output device (such as LED or LCD Display) to exhibit the final process. Let us look into the illustration of how a microcontroller works in a Television.
The Television has a remote control as an Input device and the TV screen as the output device. The signal sent from the remote control is captured by the microcontroller. The microcontroller controls the channel selection, the amplifier system and picture tube adjustments such as hue, brightness, contrast etc.
General architecture of a microcontroller 
The architecture of a microcontroller depends on the application it is built for. For example, some designs include usage of more than one RAM, ROM and I/O functionality integrated into the package.
Microcontroller Architecture, architecture of microcontrollers
The architecture of a typical microcontroller is complex and may include the following:
1.      A CPU, ranging from simple 4-bit to complex 64-bit processers.
2.      Peripherals such as timers, event counters and watchdog.
3.      RAM (volatile memory) for data storage. The data is stored in the form of registers, and the general-purpose registers store information that interacts with the arithmetic logical unit (ALU).
4.      ROM, EPROM, EEPROM or flash memory for program and operating parameter storage.
5.      Programming capabilities.
6.      Serial input/output such as serial ports.
7.      A clock generator for resonator, quartz timing crystal or RC circuit.
8.      Analog-to-digital convertors.
9.      Serial ports.
10. Data bus to carry information.


 over current,over voltage,over temprature relay etc using microcontroller

the main difference between microcontroller and microprocessor is the no. instructions in micro processor are more than micro controller, there is bitwise addresseble mode in microcontroller which is not in microprocessor

Number of instruction is defined by the terms RISC or CISC. 

R: Reduced

C: Complex

Instruction Set Computing

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 Can you please send me a synopsis of micro-controller based project AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH VISITOR COUNTER. thanking you..

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hai i did 5*7 dot matrix display with uln2003a driver using 89c51. my question is,its going on properly but the brightness is low. so how to improve the brightness of led dot matrix.



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over current,over voltage,over temprature relay etc using microcontroller plz send more details plz for my project work

Can you please help me on 'How to program AT89C51 microcontroller', using just Personal Comupter and some software?

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There is a huge competition among microcontroller manufacturers. Despite this choice there are few microcontroller families that are popular .





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which ic are we using for avr microcontroller???


There are many tools, free and low cost demo boards available to learn about PIC microcontrollers than any other microcontrollers.

Microchip also has developer forum where we can post our queries and provide ontime support. They also share lot of demo code and demo applications which is easy to learn about embedded application development.

Things are easy with PIC!



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Can you please send me a synopsis of micro-controller based project AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH VISITOR COUNTER. thanking you..

Microprocessors are misused to complete big and generic applications, patch a micro controller instrument only be utilized to effect a singular strain within one use

Can you please send me a synopsis of micro-controller based project AUTOMATIC ROOM LIGHT CONTROLLER WITH VISITOR COUNTER. thanking you..

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