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The DIY Judd Treat Machine

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

The Judd Treat Machine from the NYC CNC Machining & Prototype Shop, is a Raspberry Pi based dog-treat-dispensing machine that let people to remotely allot doggie treats from anywhere with an internet connection. It dishes out the goodies whenever the pet gets an email.

This do-it-yourself device is similar to the Pintofeed remote pet feeder, where the pet owner were able to feed their pet via smartphone. Further, it's a combination of various skillsets like CAD, machining, fabrication, powder coating, Raspberry Pi, electrical engineering and programming.

The device is named after the inventor’s dog name. Whenever Judd receives an email, he becomes a recipient of the goodies dispensed by the machine. The email sets the device in motion and the machine give signals to Judd by wiggling the hopper, in which the food is distributed.

It has an additional feature where the machine takes the photograph of Judd before rotating and dumping the treats on the floor and sends it back to the email sender as a thank you. The problem with this type of device is that the dog gets more attached to the machine rather than its owner. Further, the possibility of getting fat and other health problems, due to less interaction and inactivity, is higher due to this device.

This project is available as open source with Python code available on the NYC CNC Machining & Prototype Shop website and the CAD model soon to follow. It is also facilitated with a video which shows how the machine dispenses treats to Judd.

For more details, follow the link mentioned below.