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Adaptive Lighting System

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

Adaptive Lighting System

The dazzle effect experienced during night driving especially on a highway is greatly hazardous as it can cause accident as well as blindness. The dazzling effect from the light beam is of high density, which illuminates for a long distance. This is essential for clear vision at night for a distance sufficiently ahead but for a vehicle coming in the opposite direction, will experience a glare, which may blind him.

To avoid this major problem of impermanent blindness, generally faced by drivers during night driving, a separate filament is fitted in the headlight bulb. It is adjusted in a manner that the light beam coming from the second filament is deflected in both down and sideway direction. This position doesn’t make the driver of the oncoming car blind. But in reality, a mechanical dimmer switch is used by the driver to manually select bright or dim headlight beam.

Adaptive Lighting System

This project by T.K. HAREENDRAN provides a smart solution for the intense dazzling effect and after-effects in the form of Adaptive Lighting System. This mechanism doesn’t require manual operation in automobile for switching ON and OFF the headlight as it detects itself whether the light is coming from the front vehicle or not. It automatically switches to the downlight when it detects the incoming light and switch back to headlight automatically when the vehicle passes it.

Some of the prominent features of this system are 12V automobile battery powered automatic switching circuit with negligible current consumption in standby mode, reliable and weatherproof light sensor module, Independent variable control to set the “light detection sensitivity, switch for “Automatic Signaling Mode” (ASM), Energy Saving Mode and Troxler Effect. Check out the following link for more information.