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Arduino based fridge magnetic notepad

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Shalini Verma
Some habits are hard to be deserted, how much you try or how advanced you become. But now technology has a role to play in every sphere of life. So, while dealing with those habits, we can actually give them a digital touch by adding an Arduino to it. The habit of leaving notes on the fridge is one of them. In this DIY project of, with the help of Arduino, an LCD screen, and a Bluetooth module, you can actually digitize your habit of leaving notes on the fridge. 
After accumulating all the stuff, connector pins are soldered to the LCD and on the Arduino to plug them together. Once the soldering of the pins is done, the circuit is completed and LCD is connected to the Arduino. Then "Hello World" code is uploaded as in the IDE examples and the circuit is powered. After adjusting the rheostat, the value of resistance is measured with respect to ground and LCD pin 3.
Now, it is connected to the Android phone along with a Bluetooth module. Prescribed code is entered, which you can find here. Once the setting is completed, a wood would be required, which is glued to the system or you can use strong magnets to avoid the device to keep falling off when you slam the door. 
Finally, an Android app is created to go with the project and it can be found in the attachments. The app can be remodeled as per your wish. If everything goes well, you can easily run your project and digitize your mode of leaving reminders and notes. Check out the following website for complete details.