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DIY Arduino Based Garduino Phone

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

Gardening is fascinating but it requires proper attention on a regular basis. But, continuous work pressure and other distractions, destroys our intention to have a healthy and beautiful backyard. We tend to be negligent when we are asked to perform our duty to those living objects and unfortunately, they generally counts last in our “to do” list. Jarod Reyes, in his blog, has found an innovative way to take care of your plants.

After failing in the attempt to build some raised beds, he looked hard for some solution on the internet. But, nothing satisfied his intention as most of the solutions were either too basic or way over the top. He wanted to place a little brain in the garden that would inform or alert him about the emergency on a regular basis. Taking a clue from his past experience of negligence towards the health of the plants, he was looking for something that would respond to his inquiries and also keep a check on the health of things.

His endeavor resulted in little “Garduino Phone”, which was put inside to an old rotary telephone. This is a garden monitor, which is equipped with the moisture sensor and a thermo sensor and if you want to build this monitor for indoor use, skip the thermo sensor.

This is placed within your garden and therefore makes sure to protect the electronics from the environment. If you cannot find an old rotary telephone, you can use any other stuff to cover it and house the electronics.
Check out the following website for complete details.