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AxiDraw : Personal Writing and Drawing Machine

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

AxiDraw : Personal Writing and Drawing Machine

AxiDraw is the product of Evil Mad Scientist, which is a versatile pen plotter. This product holds the capability of writing or drawing on almost any flat surface with any writing implements to handle boundless diversity of applications. Its exclusive design sorts a writing head that spreads beyond the machine and allows drawing on objects larger than the machine itself.

This exceptionally resourceful device is designed to assist a varied range of specialized drawing and writing requirements on daily basis. It can be used for all tasks that are usually carried out with a handheld pen. With the help of computer, it allows you to develop handmade writing with the unambiguous appearance of using a real pen.

Axidraw -personal writing and drawing machine

This device can be used in applications for formal invitations, to place cards for formal dining, for signing diplomas and other certificates, to address envelopes and boxes, for “Hand-written" wine lists and menus at restaurants and many more. AxiDraw is accompanied with a mounting easel (board with clips) for holding paper, cards, and envelopes of various sizes.

The drawing head of the device outspreads beyond the body of the machine and hence, held the potential to draw on flat objects larger than the machine itself. Further, the pen holder is adjustable and can accommodate a wide variety of pens.

The AxiDraw comes wholly assembled, verified, and set to use in the box itself. A universal-input plug-in power supply is incorporated with the AxiDraw, along with a USB cable and an optional paper-holding easel. Make sure you install the software first and you do have a modern computer with an available USB port as well as internet. Then you can begin plotting within minutes of opening the box.

Though the device is controlled via a set of extensions to Inkscape, the basic operation is much like that of a printer driver. Here, you import or create a drawing in Inkscape and then use the extensions to plot the text or artwork. It's all controlled through an up-front graphical user interface, and works efficiently on Mac, Windows and Linux.