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The Amazing Beagle Board Projects

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Jenson Waugh
Beagle Board


After browsing the Beagle Board project page, one would feel astonished and would take it ordinarily at the same time. Astonished in the sense in which the diverse applications have been developed by electronic enthusiasts all over and ordinary as a development board like Beagle Board will definitely attract developers all over because of its hardware specs and ability to run some of the best operating systems. Icing on the cake is the customization options that one gets in form of the capes and communication protocols that this pocket sized computer uses.

Beagle Board has emerged to be one of the largest electronic experiment gadget communities ever. The project page showcases several projects ranging which range from energy utilization to automation applications. Not only installation of Debian has been tried and tested, but pinnacle reaching UAV’s are also very well showcased on this project showcase page. 

The projects are primarily based on the good-ol’ Beagle Bone and the new and mighty, Beagle Bone Black. 


BeagleBone Black


Stacking more than 300 projects on open embedded technology, this every growing list of projects carry enough to make one get start from a scratch and go totally pro in this amazing open source hardware platform. Through this project page, the curious mind can reach the maker of the project as well as interact with others who are also working on the very same project.

Check out some amazing glimpses of a fraction of the projects posted at Beagle Board page.

Beagle Bone Based LCD Touchscreen Applications





 Beagle Bone Based Temperature Sensor