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Building a DIY Robot-Controlled Arduino Robot

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Shalini Verma

This tutorial by Miguel Grinberg demonstrates how to build a remote-controlled Arduino based vehicle robot. Through this article, it will be easier to understand the basics of programming sensors, motors and other devices connected to the Arduino. This also explains how a wireless remote controller can communicate with the Arduino board over Bluetooth.

Building a DIY Robot-Controlled Arduino Robot

In order to communicate with connected devices, the Arduino board is used via its input and output pins. The robot receives its power from a battery box connected to the power input jack of Arduino board. The digital pins labeled as 0 to 13 can be configured individually as inputs or outputs and in two possible states either HIGH or LOW.

After configuring the Arduino pins, the Arduino is programmed with sketches with the Arduino software. The software is a free and open source, and available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users. After installing the software, the Arduino board is connected and the Arduino software is launched again to write the C++ program.

While working with the LEDs, the distance sensor is programmed. The motor driver board used here is Adafruit Motor Shield that has its own library, called AF Motor. The next hardware used in this robot is Bluetooth slave that connects to the smartphone and receives remote control commands. Even the wiring of the Bluetooth slave is quite simple.

The LED in the Bluetooth slave goes steady after all the connection is established. A terminal will be available on the smartphone. So when a letter is typed and sent over to the Arduino, the Arduino responds back with a message and confirms that it has received the same letter.

For complete details and codes, check out the following link.