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Building a Microbot based on Arduino Uno

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Shalini Verma
Darren Yates of APC magazine has been experimenting around Arduino Uno and has come out with the series of experiences. He has shared his developments in the form of series and some of them are: lighting LEDs using temperature/humidity sensors and even creating a simple composite TV output. In one of the series post, he has developed his first autonomous microbot which is based on an Arduino Uno microcontroller and has its own ‘special sauce’ software.

The Arduino Uno is an interactive, 8-bit microcontroller board which has the ability to establish networking with the outside world in the most convenient way, whether it is an Intel Core or AMD FX CPU. The digital inputs and outputs of Uno’s cache along with the analogue makes it perfect for many real-world tasks.

Building a Microbot based on Arduino Uno

Rolly is not a remote-controlled bot, it is laced with the ability to determine its own direction and avoid all obstacles by himself. Ample of stuffs are needed to create a microcontroller-powered robot or a microbot. The project has been built into two parts and Darren has also shared some of the new theory which he gained during practice.

While building this project, it is prominent to understand that the aim of this project is to develop the robot as cheap as possible but still got the capability to show off his personality.Further, it also requires the soldering knowledge.Therefore first thing is to assemble all the components. If you are already in this field, then the overall cost, while buying stuffs may come down. Check out the table list and other details for this project in this following link.