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Designing Weatherproof Raspberry Pi Camera Case

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

If you are worried about your backyard because you want to protect your freshly sprouted seeds from animals, then Tinkerer can help you to militarize your backyard. They have been involved in developing a Raspberry Pi based Squirrel recognition device, where they programmed Raspberry Pi A+ with OpenCV that results in capturing the face of any person trespassing the backyard in the mail.

After failing in an attempt to find a suitable Pi case in the market, which is not only compact but also weatherproof and has elegant look, they decided to design a compact case to monitor the backyard garden and get alerts. They designed a rough sketch accordingly and gained some information about designing plastic parts from tutorials on YouTube.

The next task was to fit all parts in the given space like mounting Pi A+ with SD card and Wi-Fi adapter in the case. Everything was easy except mounting the Pi camera above Pi, which ultimately was mounted directly on the top case since the data cable of Pi was flexible.

It is important to weather proof cell phone or electronic case by using a weatherproof seal around the case. The case is divided into two parts and then the groove is added for holding the seal. In the same manner, the seal of the glass is held together by the seal holder which is attached to the case. It not only compresses the seal but holds it in the place.

After designing screw bosses, FDM method was used for 3D printing in ABS plastic. It was due to the limitations of escape holes of SLS printing. This project includes camera equipped with 3D printing and assembly. One can test the camera in rain for weatherproofing and the 3D model and 3D print can be viewed from Pinshapeor

For further details, kindly refer to the link mentioned below.