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DIY 3D printed super game Pi

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

Video game obsession within players is age-barred. Whether it is the latest Playstation and XBoxor Mario and duck hunt game, they are never seen bored. Moreover, the vogue of joy while playing simple video games is also maintained in this advanced journey of gaming. Games that require minimum gaming skills has occupied a new level of a community called “retro gamers”.

The good news is that our advanced technology has the ability to imitate that retro gaming system in our modern-day computers including the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Apple II, and others. This is possible through a single and cheap processor and the Raspberry Pi community has proved so. They have developed an emulator to create a retro-gaming console with an affordable development board called the RetroPie Project.

This community has dealt with hundreds of project using various hardware and software scripts and has developed retro gaming diverseness. Right from their inception, they experimented to convert the Raspberry Pi into a retro-gaming console and now they have stepped a little further, where other projects are being tapped into the RetroPie platform to form 3D printed handheld gaming console.

The DIY console are driven by Raspberry Pi A+ with RetroPie image that features 12 buttons, an analog joystick, stereo speakers and a 5” HDMI display. The Adafruit team is presently involved in developing the Super Game Pi, which supports more games, a larger screen, better sound and of course, more buttons as compared to their previously developed, 3D printed DIY GameBoy.

Adafruit is also involved in selling a majority of the necessary supplies for the project and many of them could be found in your automation garage only. But for printing the enclosure, 3D printing files are necessarily supplied and are created in Autodesk 123D, here. This advanced project is impressively dealt, can be covered from the following link.