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DIY Arduino dice circuit

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Shalini Verma

DIY Arduino dice circuit

Get yourself indulged in Arduino through this project which aims to make a simple circuit for dice along with a switch to generate a new dice face with the help of Arduino. The project is simple and provides a perfect platform for introducing basics of the Arduino. Arrays of LEDs and resistors are needed to build the circuit along with Arduino Uno, Physical switch/pushbutton and Breadboard with its wire.

Arduino Dice Circuit

The circuit can be easily assembled according to the diagram above. A switch is setup in H like circuit and the upper leads in left and right of the circuit are parted from the bottom leads. Hence, when the button is pressed, the upper and bottom leads are connected, forming a circuit and activating the dice. In between the 100k resistor in the ground and 3v3 connection to the switch, a wire runs through to the pin 2 that detects the switch being pressed.

Arduino Dice

The LEDS are locatedin a manner that resembles a die face and they are linked to the ground rail through a 100-ohm resistor. The LEDS positive ends are then coupled with a pin on the Arduino. The coding for this project is lengthy and can be downloaded from here.