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DIY LED Video Wall

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

Who doesn’t get fascinated towards those bizarre optimistic professional LED wall with endless repetitive patterns. Now, if you have some experience in wiring and other technical stuffs, why not take a further step to enhance your professionalism. Well, this tutorial by Adafruit is definitely a savior if you are interested in building a professional LED wall by using a 16x32 RGB LED matrix panels and a bit of patience

They have used 18 panels to construct a 96x96 pixel display, which measures roughly 2ft square. As you can see that the video decoder boards do all the diligence, therefore all you require is a DVI/HDMI/Displayport output with the proper cable, a good 5V power supply and a little wiring time.

The driver supports up to 1024x800 displays but 96x96 is attractive. Once it is programmed and configured, it can use any video source to display from a Mac or PC (or BeagleBone!) without any problems. Now you can create your own LED video displays for fun!


But before you start assembling products for this tutorial, please note that, it is not a beginner project. It involves lots of wiring and power management and the components required for this project is expensive and hard-to-find.

Furthermore, constructing the wall can cover a few weekends and necessitates care and patience. It may sound interesting for some of the professionals as the complete task involves a detailed documentation, which would be difficult to find at other sources. And yes of course, this is not a project for a mission-critical, outdoor, mobile or other LED display or for use beyond hobbyist hacking.

The arrangement is planned in a manner so that the LED wall can be run at a great distance from the video source. The process involves sender card to take a DVI input, and spits it out over Ethernet to the receiver card, where it is decoded and then exhibited on the LED wall.