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DIY Magnetic Power Adaptor

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

Almost everyone with a laptop has experienced that how easily the power adaptor of the laptop breaks down. The most vulnerable and common part, the adaptors are directly attached to the motherboard as well as heat. Moreover, it is constantly moved and shifted that causes the connector to become loose and sloppy. This combination, in due course, causes the connection to stop working altogether.

To solve this problem, Apple, in their laptops is using a magnetic power adaptor but they have patented this idea. Diyourself has come out with their own version of a magnetic power adaptor for an Acer 1410 laptop. One can easily amend the steps provided for Acer to any laptop. They are not only effective but comparatively easy to build with some common materials.

Basically, the system reduces the strain on the internal connection and motherboard and is adapted in a manner that it doesn’t come out unless we required to. The proposed modifications are completely reversible and also it causes no harm to the laptop or original power adaptor as the copper file is used in the design.

The common tools required are Pliers, Wire cutters, Scissors, Flashlight, Matchsticks while the materials are Neodymium Magnets to cover the adaptor plug with some overhang, Wire Studs that fits into the power socket, Steel Washers where magnets must STICK to them, thin Copper Foil as aluminum duct tape has too much resistance and calming Incense to keep you sane while working with the fiddly bits.

The project starts by cutting a piece of the copper foil to cover the metal part of the power adaptors plug to ensure that no gap occurs between the adaptor plug and the Ring Magnets. It is wrapped in a manner that is wide enough for the Ring Magnets to fit comfortably. The magnets are fitted next onto the plug.

The magnets have the overhang at the edge of the adaptor so that the Center Power Pin is not openly exposed for a short circuit. Center power pin is made after excess copper is cut off and is fitted below the edge of the power adaptor. You can get the complete information from the following link along with the pictures.