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DIY Ozilight Arduino Ambilight TV

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

The Ozilight Arduino Ambilight TV project by Oscar Liang basically features Ambilight, which is responsible for creating fascinating visual effects and used as an eye-easing purpose. This concept of Ambilight was developed and introduced by Phillips and they are used as Ambilight TVs or Ambilight systems. But unfortunately, they are very expensive in the commercial market.

So with the goal of producing something cheap, which could be flexible in modifications and adjustments in different sizes of TV or monitors, Liang build this project using Arduino and processing for a 24 inch TV. It aims to provide an encompassing light around the TV, which reflects the color captured on screen.

Since the Ambilight system relies on a computer,a computer program is used to capture and analyse the colours on the screen. It means that the only input for the TV or monitor can be from a computer, and not from other sources like a DVD player or a TV channel.
The RGB LEDs, mounted on the back of the TV or monitor screen along with Ambilight, projects background light effect and those effects are followed by the color and brightness of the video content in real-time on the TV screen. The hardware needed for this project includes a computer, Arduino Uno, original digital WS2811 SMD RGB LED strips and a DC power supply for the LEDs.
In the first part, Liang has dealt in the process of how to use processing to take Screenshot and analyse the colours, then he analysed the various desired areas around the edges of the screen and build the RGB LED strip. In the second part, he explains the process of driving it with Arduino along with the communication protocol design between Arduino and Processing application. Finally, he combines everything to make TV Ambilight System.Check out the link below for complete details.