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DIY Palm Arduino kit

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

There are times when you stay away from your projects and if you get some idea of prototyping, nothing could be done as your Arduino stuff are not available at hand. In such case, you miss out some important ideas or techniques. This article by Do-It-Yourself aims to solve your problem.

To avoid missing important derivatives, you can carry a Palm Arduino Kit, which includes a DIY palm size Arduino compatible board, a mini breadboard, a DIY 5V Portable Voltage Regulator, a MOD FTDI cable, a MOD 2" Long Antistatic IC Container and a Plastic Box to adjust all of the above.

A 28-pin DIP ATMega328 IC has their pins hanging out beside it body. It is difficult to carry such stuff and therefore a need to straighten it out occurred like a Freeform Arduino. Further, the PCB is to be more portable than Freeform Arduino and small enough to get fit with other components in the box. Keeping in this mind, the idea of palm Arduino was born. The schematic exactly matches to Freeform Arduino.

This DIY project is made using Arduino-compatible stuff like ATMega328P with Arduino Bootloader, LED, Resistor, Voltage regulator, Electrolytic capacitor, etc. The tools included here are Solder iron and Solder station, Hookup Wire, Diagonal Cutter, Pliers etc. First thing first, the pins are to be straightened and needle nose pliers are used to bend all tithe pins of ATMega328P IC out horizontally. Once straightened out, a lead of 10K resistor is soldered to pin#1 of the microcontroller.

The complete information and procedure of the project can be obtained from the following link.