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DIY spy camera with old webcam

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Shalini Verma

DIY spy camera with old webcam

Do you want to build a spy camera out of your old webcam in minimal cost? Then this tutorial by UGOlog can be a rescue to your need. The best part is that you don’t need any technical skills to build such camera and it only takes 30 seconds to setup. The only tools and supplies it requires are USB webcam, old power supply from cellphone or similar small gadget and other basic tools like Screwdriver, drill etc

Spy Camera using your Old Camera

First of all, the appearance of webcam case need to be changed as it is big and recognizable and will have hard time hiding it. Therefore, the circuit board is separated with the lens and a cable from plastic enclosure while theend cable and lens remain attached to the circuit board. With the help of screw, web cam is disassembled and opting camera with wide angle lens provides better zoom

Next, the type of case has to be decided, which should be big enough to hold a camera but also hidden in nature when a cable is attached to it. One can opt for desk lamp or alarm clock or PC Speaker. One of the best option is power supply, which is abundant in house and provides good option to reuse those old chargers

While dealing with the power supply, minimize the damage to the cords or inside of the case and also make your charger to look real not a tampered one. Now, all the components are fitted together which includes positioning of the circuit board and accurately drilling hole for lens.

One can also remove the IR filter from the webcam to completely cover the lens hole with IR film and make lens 100% invisible from the human eye. And now your spy camera is ready. If USB end of the webcam is connected to a USB extension cable, then the spy camera can be set at greater distance from computer.