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DIY Wearable that Controls Your Eyebrows

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Shalini Verma

Alec Smecherin, in a post, has explained how to make a thought-provoking wearable device that holds the ability to control your eyebrows and facial expression. This device is basically a simple circuit with an ATMega328 that acts as a usual Arduino chip, an L293d quad H-bridge for the power switching to the motor, and a VS838 infrared receiver.

The Brows breadboarding the picture above is mounted to an old Petzl headlamp and the motors used here are a couple of little 6V beasties with gearboxes built in, which are rated to turn at 60RPM, or one rotation per second. The remote control used in this project can be pilfered from truck stereo or any vehicle.

The sewing-machine bobbins are attached to the motor spindles with a little bit of thread around them. By taping the thread, the eyebrows are attached to the skin right above the eyelids, with a piece of band-aid adhesive. One can also use a piece of toothpick to tie at the end of the string. This prevents the slipping out of the band-aid. The Coding for this is easy and is available here.

The device features a coarse and fine-grained calibration controls in both forward and the reverse direction. It also provides a setting for Joystick-controlled direct brow along with User-controllable expression length. It also features direct-access waggle buttons, with 1-9 waggles, with arbitrary brow combinations.


Take care of your safety as all motor operations are speed- and time-limited. Further, the bobbins that are mounted on the spindles might slip under tension.

Check out the following link for complete details.