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Fridge of the future

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Shalini Verma
Attention beer lovers!! What could be your best beer or wine fantasy? Here, I am talking about a perfectly good beer or wine fridge and ways to make it awesome. What if you could count your beer bottle in your fridge on your phone, or track it how many times it was closed and opened. A perfect refrigerator that tells you the temperature inside your fridge. This is all possible with to new, simple-to-use Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and you can get all the information on your phone, tablet or laptop and it just a technology away.
Here, a precise information is provided for setting up the refrigerator. Start with, setting up a Wii balance board as a scale to detect the number of bottles inside your refrigerator. Then, wire up a door sensor to detect when your refrigerator door is open or closed. Later, wire up a temperature sensor to capture the temperature inside your refrigerator. Now, use a Raspberry Pi to stream this captured information to a cloud service and turn that information into your personal refrigerator dashboard that you can access on your laptop or mobile device using Initial State. Finally set up your own beer inventory alerts via email or SMS.
Isn’t this simple. Well, now you can know, who stole your bottles or who tasted your wine, in fact you can keep a record of the number of beers you had last month and a notification can be send to you when you have to refill your stock. The details provided here are only for information, for video streaming and other details, visit the website