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Home automation with sensorino and Arduino

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Shalini Verma

Home automation is now a next door thing after the introduction of the Arduino and other sensors at affordable rate. Anyone with little knowledge can automate their home and it is no more an expensive deal. Whether you want to control lights through the web or keep record of your activity, it provides a multidimensional yet distinctive approach for the home automation.

Home Automation

With the help of an Arduino library and toolkit, a project called Sensorino has been developed by statusorel. For detailed instructions, the documents are made available on their github wiki. But it requires some advance knowledge in some fields like Linux command line fu for installing and configuring packages and some soldering.

Sensorino is the combination of cheapest components accumulated from different sources along with some software, whose server runs on a tiny Linux router. It is extensible as it has the ability to attach more sensors in itself like battery powered plant moisture meters or Bluetooth Low-Energy smart application. Further, the remote Arduino is programmed to execute automation rules and is independent of the wireless communication.

It has some risks involved especially while one tries to mess with mains voltages and with the same power that is attached to different stuffs like fridge, heaters, ovens etc. in this section of sensorino with Arduino, home lightening projects are undertaken.