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How to Make an Amazing Raspberry Potter Gesture Control Wand

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Shalini Verma

We have seen various occasions when technology was mixed with creativity to demonstrate universal magic. In this tutorial of Adafruit, get ready to say “Lumos” as this exciting project, known as Raspberry Potter, syndicates everyone’s two beloved things—the open source Raspberry Pi and the magic Potter wand.

This interactive magic band can either be purchased or you can DIY your own by adding a sequin or pearl button to the tip of any wand you have lying around the house. The wand act together with a magic lantern that is essentially a hacked hurricane lamp. It hides a Particle Internet Button which has a Photon microcontroller, as well as a ring of NeoPixels. Further, there is some amusing craft work also, made by using a frosted glass spray and stencil that operates to diffuse the LEDs and add some Potter flair.

Raspberry Potter Gesture Control Wand

DIY Raspberry Potter Gesture Control Wand (Image Courtesy:

Undeniably the actual magic comes from what’s hiding in the center of the lamp—a Raspberry Pi and its camera along with an IR LED. The wand triggers the lamp, even in low light/no light circumstances. This type of light spell is gratified to the OpenCV software, used as a specific gesture with the wand, which really does appear to be magic. Obviously uttering the spell while you do the motion is bonus points.