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LIMBERboard: A Wearable Board

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma
Wearable technology is the new future and is rapidly growing.Taking inspiration from the flourishing community of programmers, engineers and hackers and also wearable technology, Infinite corridor technology has invented LIMBERboard. With the aim to provide a platform for the techies to build projects with flexibility and also wearability, the product is focusing on the maker movement and is made especially for them.

The product can become a perfect platform for wearable projects like health monitors, activity monitors, impact detectors and more. In the first iteration, the device has featured Bluetooth that allows people to send data from the microprocessor to a smartphone. This makes LIMBERboard compatible with all mobile projects. Even with all these capabilities, LIMBERboard weighs less than a nickel and hence, it is ideal for applications that need to be lightweight.

The device consists of a two-layer stretchable flex printed circuit board that can employ ICT's patent-pending geometric pattern technology and can create wearable electronics. LIMBERboard also features a mini-USB port for programming and is compatible using the Arduino environment.

Some of its features include ATMega168 microprocessor,3-axis accelerometer, Lithium ion battery, Bluetooth, Ability to flex, fold and twist more than 120,000 times while maintaining full functionality. The product has received SBIR award in 2009 and the company is involved in hardware delivery for the defense, medical and fashion accessories industries.