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Measuring Height With The Help Of VL53L0X

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Shreepanjali Mod
The main aim of this project is to measure kids' height with the help of distance sensor - VL53L0X. The hardware you will need for this project include Arduino Nano R3, GY-521MPU-6050 Axis Gyroscope, Accelerometer Module For Arduino, NeoPixel strip, VL53L0X sensor, Adafruit RGB Backlight LCD - 16X2, and a 9V battery. 
To begin with, the distance sensor VL53L0X is placed in a box bottom. This sensor is capable of measuring distances up to two meters up to a resolution of 1mm. Next, you need to place the Arduino Nano microprocessor and the 6-axis motion sensor MPU6050 inside the box. The power supply will come from the 9V generic battery. MPU6050 will be employed for measuring the x-axis and the y-axis of acceleration. This aims to detect the horizontal direction. The Neopixel LED will be green while the measure will be horizontal. The non-horizontal light, on the other hand, will be red. The distances will be shown on the LCD display. 
For using the instrument, first turn on the power and then let the measurement take place in a normal mode. Under the normal mode, the distance of measurement will always be displayed on the LCD. The LED will be green as the measure turns to the horizontal direction. The non-horizontal sign will be red, on the other hand. 
Now, when you hold down the measurement button the measurement mode will come to life. Place the measure over the kid’s head. When the distance will be in horizontal mode the LED will show Blue light and the measurement value will be obtained. 
For schematics and code, kindly check out the link rendered below.