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Overview of Arduino Programming for Multi-Player Game

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Shalini Verma

Based on the series of “Introduction to Computer Programming”, a gentle introduction is being given to Arduino programming. But before going through to computer programming and Arduino, complete Arduino Basic Basics12 guide. A special decision-making power is instilled in the Arduino bit that will help in creating a multi-player game show. It uses few bits and requires a little knowledge about random trivia.

The program includes Circuit, P1 Power Bit, Arduino Bit, LEDs, wires, buzzers etc. The circuit can be built easily at home wherein each button, P1 Power Bit goes in. this is possible by using the W19 wire and if opting for a longer circuit then 2 W1 wires are used. Although the best choice is A0 and A1 pins for input and 1 and 9 pins for after.

Overview of Arduino Programming for Multi-Player Game

Next, the defined codes are entered and later four variables are defined that are mainly integers. Since each of the variables corresponds to a bit snap or pin on our Arduino, each the inputs correspond to player's button. Each player has two corresponding buzzers when pressed, the buzzer goes off for a few seconds.

Regarding pin modes usage, a brand new function called digitalWrite() is used here that deals in two point of view. The PIN used is used in writing and it tells a value of digitalWrite function to go on or off. It can be considered as a light switch which can be either turned off or on but it is used because a large range of values are not required.

With this, decision-making process with the Arduino becomes easy and when the decision is based on some state of the program, casual stuff can be done like determining a winner or loser or keeping track of the score.

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