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Parrot Pot: a smart approach to for happy plants

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

Parrot Pot, which is stealing the thunder by claiming that it is the most advanced connected plant pot, offers up to 1 month of smart, autonomous irrigation. The Parrot Pot comprises a 2.2L reservoir and is part of Parrot’s second generation of plant sensors, which is responsible for keeping plants happy and healthy in your absence.

It is equipped with smart irrigation system as the arrangement uses state-of-the-art sensors. This means that the device is intelligent enough to water your plant precisely when it needs it and also in the exact right amount of water every time. Further, the pot is designed to adopt the natural life-cycle of the plant growing in it. This not only regulates the irrigation schedule efficiently to encourage plant’s growth but also helps in water conservation.



This advanced version has a database of over 8,000 different plants, which allow users to practice targeted, plant-specific, and situation-specific instruction for the healthy growth of their plant. The water tank of the pot is machine-washable, robust enough to place outside, and it’s glossy but has conventional design, making it suitable for any home, office, garden, and terrace environment.

In nutshell, the device has Smart irrigation system as well as water conservation mode, which helps to maximize water efficiency and minimize waste. Further, it has four professional-grade sensors, which is responsible for building a complete environmental profile for your plant. Some other characteristics are innovative maintenance design, free iOS and Android dedicated App with over 8,000 plants, expert advice directly on your Smartphone and long- term product autonomy. Check out the following link for complete details.