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Pi Juice for Portable Pi Projects

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

The history of Raspberry Pi dates back to 2012 when the need for the hardware and physical computing capability along with the ability to write code to do things in real life became a reality. It provides a platform for invention and connects people worldwide. With yet another advancement, Aaron Shaw in a blog has discussed the role played by pi juice and how it can be used as portable power for the pi projects.

The idea of creating this project was the difficulty in developing portable or remote projects. With this Pi juice, a single platform is opened to make a safe and portable power solution for the Raspberry Pi, which not only allows people to experience exciting things with their Pi but also saves a lot of time and effort in the process.

Hence, this ultimate product for portable and remote Raspberry Pi projects removes the barrier to entry from portable Pi projects, especially for beginners and professionals. They could rather focus more on the building, making and learning and keep aside the problem of the complexities of lithium battery charging and other electronics issues.

To be precise, PiJuice is not only just an add-on board but a modular project platform, which provides an opportunity to convert their awesome ideas quickly and easily into a project. A number of exciting tutorials have been developed to provide inspirational projects like Raspberry Pi games console, a compact camera, a Pocket Pi and more.

For more details, check the following link.