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Raspberry Pi based Humanoid Robot

Submitted By: 

Shota Ishiwatari


Thanks to science fiction and the Hollywood that we are more familiar to the scientific terms than the geographical features of the planet. One such term which has certainly created a revolution in automation fields of industries, defense forces and even automobiles is, Humanoid Robots.  Humanoid robots are essentially needed in those applications where human effort is either impossible or can be replaced by better forces (almost everywhere). The fun part with the humanoid is: there is no bar on size i.e. it can be a 60foot giant or 2 foot little sweetheart. More fun part comes here when you come to know that you can make it using a hobby –single board computer.

Raspberry Pi Based Robot

Rapiro, this soon to be commercially available Raspberry Pi based humanoid, is definitely going to change the definition of humanoid robots for the common developers and those who love to have gadgets around.  You can program it to clean your desk, get coffee for your or even type for you on the computer.  So, this robot is pretty different from the usual Hollywood robots we see around the in the Hollywood movies these days. One more factor which adds to the differences is the insane cuteness factor which Rapiro has.

Humanoid Robot


Raspberry Pi

It is small, has its motors compatible with Arduino and uses a Raspberry Pi as its brain. This means that now we have a gadget among us which is not only promoting the knowledge and learning factor but also get the creative part of thinking a spotlight about what it wants to do. 


Raspberry Based Humanoid Robot



Check out this interesting Demo video of the robot!