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Relive your memories with Private Landline Telephone System

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Shalini Verma

It is difficult to find landline telephones now at home due to the explosion of cellular networks, but the walls of our home still contain the infrastructure. Though abandoned, they are hidden in the form of copper and there is no point wasting them. This post by statusorel is providing an opportunity to explore and reclaim this inexpensive and easy technology and making it useful again.

All you need is a PBX, Old phones, modems, answering machines, etc., Voice Over IP gateway and Modular telephone cables. A PBX or a private branch exchange is used with a voice over IP gateway to connect to the PBX’s principle outside line, which allows people to call the PBX from a traditional telephone number and allows them to make calls around the world at zero cost.

It is easy to connect the PBX to use the VoIP Gateway but it can be made complicated by setting up incoming and outgoing calls in detail via PBX’s settings. After collecting all the devices, PBX is connected to the outside world followed by establishing connections for all devices.

Once you have the basic set up, one can come out with some fun projects while using your own PBX enables. For instance, a red ‘hotline’ phone for your kids, who can reach you while you are in the office or a Raspberry Pi virtual fax machine. You can also use an old telephone ‘subset’ box in the form of a real telephone ringer to connect to your PBX.

Some other approaches would be a dial-up internet service provider with a Raspberry Pi and an external USB modem connected to PBX EXT lines, so you could even dial into your ISP from anywhere. A Bulletin Board Service (BBS) could be a nice approach too. Using vintage computers to put the PBX on the internet or old modems. Check out the following link for complete information.