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Solar Oven in a Pizza Box

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Shalini Verma

Time and again, it is entertaining to make use of daily items to create something innovative and ironically, this project itself is using a pizza box to bake itself. In one of the DIY projects of statusorel, they have developed a solar oven by using a pizza box. All they have used is to make this device are Cardboard pizza box, Box knife or scissors, Aluminum foil, Clear tape Plastic wrap or a heavy-duty or freezer zip lock bag will also work, Black construction paper, NewspapersRuler or wooden spoon and a Thermometer.

You can initiate this project by start cutting a flap in the lid of the pizza box by using a box knife or sharp scissors. Make sure that you cut leaving about an inch amid the sides of the flap and the boundaries of the lid all along the three sides. Now, the flap is folded out with the intention to make it stand up when the box lid is closed.

The inward side of the flap is enclosed with aluminum foil so that it will reflect heats from the sun. To fix this, the foil is firmly draped around the flap and then secured to the back or outer side of the flap while using a tape. A clear plastic wrap is used to generate an airtight opening for sunlight to come into the box. It is prepared by opening the box and then taping a dual layer of plastic wrap over the opening that you prepared when you cut down the flap in the lid.

Solar Oven in a Pizza Box

Solar Oven in a Pizza Box (Image Courtesy:

Leave nearly an inch of plastic overlap around the edges and tape all side down firmly, sticking out air. If you are utilizing a plastic bag, outline a square, big enough to shield the opening, and tape one coating over the opening. Contour the base of the container with black construction paper-black that absorbs heat. The black exterior is where your food will be established to roast.

The oven is insulated to allow it to hold in more heat and for doing so, sheets of newspaper are rolled up and placed on the bottom of the box. Then, they are tape down so that they develop a border around the cooking area. It might be useful to also tape the rolls shut initially. The newspaper rolls must be created so that the lid can effectively close, but there is a seal inside of the box, so air cannot leak.

The finest hours to set up your solar oven are when the sun is in elevation that is from 11 am to 3 pm. Place it to a unclouded spot and regulate the flap until the greatest sunlight possible is reflecting off the aluminum foil and onto the plastic-covered space. Make use of a ruler to support the flap at the right angle.

You may desire to angle the complete box by using a rolled up towel. You can create toast by buttering a slice of bread then allowing the sun do the rest. For the paper at the lowest doesn’t get muddy, put what you would like to prepare on a clear plastic or glass plate.Engage a thermometer inside your oven before closing it to check the temperature. To yield food out of the oven, uncover the lid of the pizza box, and with oven mitts or potholders, lift the glass dish out of the oven.