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Texting via Arduino web server

Submitted By: 

Shalini Verma

This tutorial of starting electronics is based on HTML TextBox, which is designed to Send Text to Arduino Web Server knowing that an Arduino and Ethernet shield can be used as a web server for hosting a web page. While using the web browser, text can be typed into the web page text box and by clicking a button on the web page, it can be sent to the Arduino.

The concept of HTML text area is used in the form of HTML for developing the text box. Further, JavaScript along with HTTP GET request plays an important role in sending text to the Arduino when the button on the web page is clicked. This whole idea is extremely useful for any Arduino project which involves receiving the text from a web page using a text box.

The format of the Ajax I/O web server is used in the Arduino code of this project. This format is taken from the Arduino Ethernet shield web server tutorial. The hardware needed for this project includes Arduino Uno and Arduino Ethernet shield with 2GB micro SD card for testing the project and Arduino boards compatible with the Ethernet shield.

For the setup, the project starts with copying the HTML from the file called index.htm to the micro SD card and simultaneously inserting the card into the Ethernet shield micro SD card socket. Arduino sketch once loaded, the MAC and IP address are changed in the sketch, according to your own network.

As the Arduino is coupled to the Ethernet network, the Serial Monitor window is opened, followed with a web browser and the IP address is surfed which is set in the sketch. Finally, the text can be typed into the text box on the webpage and sent to the Arduino. In the following link, the video along with the description shows the process through which Arduino web page is being accessed by a web browser and text being sent to the Arduino.