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Using Arduino to tweet temperature

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Shalini Verma

Using Arduino to tweet temperature

With Arduino, you can open your garage door or water your plants, while enjoying in the countryside because it can be connected to the internet and have its own programming language. It is a microcontroller or a computer that lives on its own circuit board but occupied with a microprocessor, memory, and input and outputs.

Now, if you are a techno, either you can innovate something in your mind or check out the internet to find out, what exactly you can do with this all in one device. Will Ward, in an unprofessional attempt have shared his experience about the journey of a simple temperature sensor. After several attempts and help from some people, the problem was finally solved.

The problem he faced was the wrong selection of the temp sensor. He required two 1k resistors that has a brown stripe, then a black stripe, then a red stripe but his 1k resistor was actually a 10k resistor with an orange band instead of a red. And with the right resistor, the circuit worked really well.

Of all odds, that Arduino is a highly technical thing, it is necessary to understand it and take help from others. To fulfill this purpose, Will has given a proper anatomy of Arduino on his website and possibly all benefits, a techie can harness from the device. Further, he has also provided a tutorial on Arduino Wi-Fi through an example, where he explains to how to tweet the temperature from the Arduino.

For this project, he uses an LM355 temperature sensor to measure the temperature and subsequently, post it on the Twitter account with the help of Arduino Leonardo board, Arduino Wi-Fi shield, solder less breadboard, resistors and jumper wires. Read the complete post by Will ward on his website or catch the following link.