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Using Inductive Coupling for Charging the Devices

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Shalini Verma

With new era, we experience a different type of technology, almost in every sphere, which is more or less an up gradation of its following. Their only aim is to make life simpler and little advanced. But as far as charging of a device is concerned, we haven’t seen much changes in our last decade. We are still confined to traditional wire system of charging.

With this post by mepits, an attempt is taken to make a device or a system, which can charge up multiple systems and free our world with those tangled wires. This is a step ahead to become wireless power transfer using inductive coupling. The transmission of wireless power by using inductive coupling is one of the reliable methods to charge devices.

The power between points is transferred using inductive coupling, resonant induction or electromagnetic wave transmission. They depend on whether it is short range, mid-range or high range and the conventional wire system becomes off-beat. Moreover, it is really effective in areas where wire system is unreachable or impossible.

This project basically aims to charge a low power device using wireless power transmission and it is possible when a resonant coil from AC is charged and then transmitted to the subsequent power to the resistive load. This allows a low power device to charge quickly and efficiently without the help of wires.

Below is a block diagram that explains the process of Wireless Power Transmission Mobile Charger Circuit using Inductive Coupling:

Using Inductive coupling for charging the devices
For more details, please check the link mentioned below.