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Using Spark core to direct events to Waylay

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Shalini Verma
This blog post by Waylay is dealing with the process of connecting a simple motion sensor to the spark core. These motion events are then sent to the waylay platform after setting up a waylay task that will be responsible for consuming these events and sending an email whenever motion is detected.
All you need for this project are Particle Photon or Core, PIR sensor, Credentials to log in to the build environment and also to log in to waylay environment. It starts with connecting the motion sensor with the Digital input numbers that receive the motion signal. Then, the spark core is programmed by logging into the spark build environment and entering the required code. The program is uploaded to the core with the PIR sensor. In order to check the proper submission of the events, give a look in the spark dashboard. 
Then the spark events are forwarded to the Waylay broker and since there are different paths to integration, one can use the Spark platform webhooks. Just make sure to properly install the hook. Next, the waylay sensor is created for a motion sensor. Bringing it all together, the final step is to make a Waylay template that receives the events and sends out an email.
The debug task is crucial and make sure to start it and as soon as the first motion event is received, the task sends you an email. For complete details, visit the following website.