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Valentine’s Day IoT Project

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Engineers Garage

Romin Irani is an innovator whose prime endeavour is to help software developers with best of what he knows. Apparently, here he has tried to bring some spark to the personal world of his audience by creating one of the most beautiful projects for Valentine’s Day. It is a little paper made heart connected with net and keeps waiting for any messages. If there are any messages, some LEDs light ut and heart shows a swaying movement. So, if you wish to send a “Will you be my Valentine?” to someone special, all you need to do is a HTTP POST online and Voila!!!.

YouTube Video Showing Working of Valentine’s Day Project

Now let’s discuss the electronic part. Romin made use of LittleBits to make things easier. The most special part was CloudBit module that sends and receives signals online very efficiently. You just need to connect it with internet. Here is how the assembly looks: 

Hardware Assembly

The major components from left are the USB power module then the cloud bit module under the Wi-Fi dongle, pulse module,  and lastly a branch module. When the Cloud Bit gets connected and configured, it gets a unique Device ID as well as Access Token ID. When it receives a message, it will send a signal to  Pulse module. The branch module sends out the received input to 3 components: The Servo Motor module and 2 LEDs. The heart is stuck with the Servo module blade and wrap LEDs around it. You can send the HTTP POST message after powering up the unit. The final code would look something like this:

curl -i -XPOST -H "Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN"

Valentine’s Day is 2-3 months away, so make sure you find that someone special to send this message to by then.