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DIY Reviews

Ingmar excels in building most interesting electronic projects like machine learning, robotics, differential GPS, and others. The one we are talking about here is a small GPS navigation system that can be used for small sized systems like robotic cars. The most usual problem faced with respect to such devices is that the accuracy gets compromised over 4-5 meters distance when filters aren’t used. 



Romin Irani is a serial innovator whose prime endeavour is to help software developers with best of what he knows. Apparently, here he has tried to bring some spark to the personal world of his audience by creating one of the most beautiful projects for Valentine’s Day. It is a little paper made heart connected with net and keeps waiting for any messages. 



Heated bed is an added module to 3D printer, that ensures a controlled printing process. It assists in improving the print quality drastically by maintaining ideal conditions for the printer to function. This DIY heated bed is designed to monitor and set up the print bed temperature. Temperature plays an important role in the printing process; too hot or too cold temperature can lead to a mess. Additionally, the heated bed would provide extra power supply to the printer so that overload can be avoided and would give over-temperature protection beyond the usual monitoring.